Geronimo Woodworks began over thirty years ago when founder Michael Bock began his own shop after studying with Art Espenet Carpenter.

“The current centralized mass produced products in our culture are not always cost effective especially when quality and custom sizing are a consideration. My goal is to provide a product that lasts and continues to give pleasure to the user for as long as possible. We use certified wood product and recycled materials and put them together so they stay together. I enjoy working with architects, designers and my clients to develop creative solutions to practical and aesthetic challenges. A successful project to me is one, which exceeds the client’s expectations. My goal is to make every project unfold in a creative and positive way. In fine furniture this means the piece keeps unfolding without my knowing exactly what the next step is and what the final outcome will be. In custom casework or kitchens the process is much the same only the emphasis is on the relations and communications between all parties involved.”


3 responses to “About

  1. Daniel Kowalski

    That desk is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen

  2. Jodie Dr NewDelman

    Let’s chat about a project!

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